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stan smiths for £12.50.. pretty gooood!!!!


Show up as £22.50 on the site. Use the code '6811' for £10 off and free delivery. White and green, Black and Volcanised Khaki. Not bad for something to knock about in.

just ordered a nice pair of black ones!


  • Just ordered a nice pair of White n Green...Thanks for the tip
  • no probs man... enjoy
  • Do you have to sign up to get the option to put the code in?
  • i signed up so im not sure mate..

    i think the code bit comes up when you check your order before you press buy.
  • nice one.. think i might get a couple of pair!
  • When I put the code in it just takes delivery charge off, but not the £10 - anyone else found this?
  • When I put the code in it just gives free delivery and no £10 off, not bothered as £22.50 aint bad still.

    Do you know why it isnt taking the tenner off as well?
  • Now, call me strange and old fashioned but I have just ordered a pair and they have sent me a confirmation email stating they will be delivered.

    I gave them my Name, home address, D.O.B, but Isnt it usual to give payment details as well?
  • Give them a call, tell them the code, and they will do it for you
  • edited April 2007
    I managed to get the deal last night but not this morning so I guess that the offer was for yesterday only.

    Ps I didn't have to sign up
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  • I got it this morning by calling them and quating the number
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