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Lille - hotels?

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We've got a couple of free Eurostar tickets, and as we've been to Paris, Disney and Brussels before, we're looking at popping over to Lille for a night or two....

I remember reading here that some of you have been, so:

a) would you recommend Lille?
b) which hotels would you recommend?



  • I was going to ask the same about Bruges, so likewise for a and b
  • Get your own thread! ;-)

    Been to Bruges (daytrip from Brussels). Would recommend it - lovely place, especially around the square and canals... Didn't stay though, so b = ????
  • Lille is immense, I stayed in an awful hotel, it didn't deter me from a fantastic weekend, it is the usual basically, the sqaures are expensive and the side streets are good fun, enjoy yourself.
  • Any hotel recommendations anyone?
  • have a look here


  • Cheers SS... Did have a look at that, but it only lists 3 hotels... Must be more than that to choose from!
  • is good for reserving and you don;t have to pay upfront - has 27 hotels
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