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Operation Minibus (Clique)

edited April 2007 in Match Day Travel
Hello Lads. Did we get anything sorted for this? Just wanna know if I need to try and get a coach instead.

Thanks for the work that has already gone into it.


  • Ketters is the man in the know and i think he has another day off today.

    i'll drop him and text to see if we i can get anything out of him
  • I'm pretty sure Ketters had something sorted, he was just waiting for final confirmation from the guy, he also said he'd spend today sorting it all, should be fine.
  • Ketters was on an all dayer yesterday, so it's anyone's guess when he's going to surface...
  • Thanks guys. May have to do this one sober. For the good of your sanity you understand!
  • Everybody still on board or has the wheels come off??

    Sco as for sober well i think i may partake in a few less this weekend as still knackered now
  • Me, Kev and Porkpie are in...
  • Good work Medders no cider this week though or sneaking off ;-)
  • the wheels on the bus go round & round
  • [cite]Posted By: CAFCBourne[/cite]Good work Medders no cider this week though or sneaking off ;-)

    I can handle my cider mate!

    Hopefully the Mrs won't suddenly appear at one of the services on the M6!
  • You boys don't know how tempted I am to get the gooner for skiving off Saturday.

    And MCS have you been eating lots of raisins?
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  • Only kidding medders

    Carter if you do skive off i have 24 pack pennine ready and waiting for you!!
  • You dog!!

    I'm not drinking that 'orrible shit at football ever again though!!

    Bit of dwarf porn and a slab of lager should be all I need
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