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WetSpam lose their sponsers


  • edited January 2015
  • Very loose of them.
  • The curse strikes again, at least we get to see those lovely squares with numbers on again
  • Very loose of them.

    You loost me
  • Very loose of them.

    You loost me
    You loost the plot?
  • It makes a change for a football shirt sponsor to go bust, and it not to be ours...
  • Are they signing Ched Evans?
  • Gutted. Move on.
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  • Don't you mean pity for the speculators/ gamblers ?
  • MrOneLung said:

    Don't you mean pity for the speculators/ gamblers ?
    personally I couldn't care but was being polite in case any Lifers were investors
  • So their business is based on punters gambling on the currency markets and, if they can't cover their losses, they have to do it. Basically, they're bookmakers who didn't know how to cover their book properly.

    AND they're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority!!! So busy trying to sort the banks out that they allow this to happen.
  • Indeed, courier from a large law firm told me they were unpegging from the Euro which raised a few eyebrows at Slau - sorry, Freudian slip - and we concurred this could mean trouble for West Ham. Sure enough. If we could work this out in 5 minutes, surely the FCA could, now I'm being silly.
  • Wiped out by the Swiss, words you rarely here.
  • Swatch your language
  • Makes you glad you've not got a pot to piss in and you support Charlton...
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