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Friday Quiz (Featuring Katrien Miere!)

1. According to Katrien Miere, How many applicants for the job were there within one hour of Bob Peeters being sacked on Sunday 11 January 2015 and how many were interviewed?

2. What do these people have in common? – Richard Nixon, Katrien Miere, Pinocchio, and Benedict Arnold?

3. What was the name of Echo and the Bunnymen’s third single?

4. The 1963 film Directed by John Schlesinger, and starring Tom Courtenay and Julie Christie was called “Billy” What?

5. Sandie Shaw sang Britain’s entry in the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest – what was it called?

6. Jim Carrey starred in a 1997 film as a fast track lawyer fulfilling his son’s birthday wish called?

7. Which rodent first appeared on TV-AM in 1983 and supposedly lived beneath Kings Cross Station?

8. Brains, Spit the Dog, Mr Punch and Sooty are all famous what?

9. “Je suis une marionnette et je suis hors de ma profondeur” translated into English means?

10. Name the odd one out – Lord Charles, Orville, Katrien Miere, or Nookie Bear?


  • @Pedro45 You've made my day!
  • 10. Nookie Bear, Palarse.
  • 1. 1 Paul Jewell
    2. All Liars
    3. .......I give up
  • edited January 2015
    1. 7 & 0
    2. All US presidents
    3. Nothing Ever Lasts Forever
    4. The Kid
    5. Making Your Mind Up
    6. Dumb & Dumber
    7. Danger Mouse
    8. Bare knuckle fighters
    9. I am married to one person and I am profoundly happy about it
    10. Lord Charles as he's the only one I want to punch in the head
  • 1. Two. Guy Luzon and the usual Iain Dowie weekly application "Raising the Standard"
    2. Is is something about "No whitewash"?
    3. Confirming 2. above - Paint It Black
    4. Midnight Cowboy? The time of Dowie's interview?
    5. Monsieur Duchatalet Dupont?
    6. Dumb and Dumber - another Dowie reference!
    7. Glennis the Guines Pig? Or was that Jose Riga?
    8. Having someones hand up their arse?
    9. "This is the only club in England I'd drop everything to join"?
    10. Katrien Miere - none of the others are Lawyers.
  • Very good Macronate, but all incorrect. Also incorrect from Its_Hamer_Time... Nookie was indeed a Nigel, but that does not make him the odd one out on this occasion!
  • A couple of close answers Addickted, arguably right in some cases, but still none that are truly correct as per the answers I have written down here!
  • 1. An encouragingly high amount of interest and plenty of interviews in due course, without actually saying a definitive number or, in fact, anything substantial at any time.
    2. They did not have sexual relations with that woman.
    3. Bring on the empty terraces.
    4. don't be an ear-hole.
    5. UKIP me hanging on.
    6. Ace Spindoctor (football executive).
    7. Roland from Grange Hill.
    8. Spanner defenders.
    9. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
    10. Nookie Bear - all the others are looking to feather their own nests.
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