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quoting from previous page

how do you quote something from say page 2 of a thread that is 3 (or more) pages long?
i clicked the quote button then went to final page/text box and nothing was there.


  • One for Lookout, me thinks.
  • You can't automatically. You used to be able to but I had to change a few things. This summer, I'll have it back. Otherwise, you have to do so manually. Just copy what you want to the clipboard. Go to the last page and paste it into the Add Comments box. Type this at the beginning: [quote]
    and this at the end:

    Make sure you're on BBCode and voila.

    Will have the quoting across pages sorted for the summer though.
  • edited April 2007
    And if you want to say who said it do
    [quote][cite]Who Said This Bit[/cite] What They Said [/quote]
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