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NEW ARTICLE: No room for error this time, Roland



  • N O L U Z ON
  • GV49........this is above all what I feel. I only wish I could write it!
  • Good read, well done AFKA.
  • GV49........this is above all what I feel. I only wish I could write it!

    I'd like to have the time to ;-)

  • Excellent post Grapevine. The line that I think trumps all and sums up exactly how I feel is this:

    The challenge I do have is when "corporate policy" overrides operational need.
  • A very good article and RD has got to make a good choice, and I can't see this Luzon character being it. He might be a good coach but I really think it needs to be someone who understands the Championship. I don't see RD's purchase of Charlton being a hobby; he's not a multi a billionaire. He sees it as a business and knows that if he gets the Club in the Premiership he can make money. I feel he sacked BP because he was worried about relegation, and will lose pots of money. I just don't see one of his 'chums' getting Charlton up. His best chance of success would be to appoint Curbishley, but even that is a gamble because people say one should never go back. Damian Matthew being promoted might be OK but it will take a while for him to get us up. RD should take time with the appointment. He needs to be patient but primarily it needs to be someone who will not let Charlton slip into the relegation zone. It took Curbs 7 years to get us up but under him were never in relegation trouble in the Championship. Beyond Curbishley I'd probably go for Karl Robinson or Tim Sherwood, and stay well clear of Freedman and Warnock.

    We'll just have to wait and see. In another post someone made a really good point that the fans wouldn't have chosen Lennie Lawrence or Curbishley, but at the time we had no money and with all due respect to Lennie and Curbs, they were 'cheap'.
  • Lennie was initially caretaker and remained so for some time. I think by the time he was actually appointed most of us were very happy to have him.
  • Brilliant summary. I am not a football expert but am passionate about CAFC. I hate that RD doesn't value fans. Am a bit bemused by every decision being limited to a Standard Liege one. I know football is big business but I would like a bit of love too.
  • our seasons seem to be getting longer !
  • Good post GV
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  • Rd isn't going to rush his decision he's know for weeks/months who bobs replacement is going to be
  • Good piece AFKA and intelligent contribution from Grapevine to which I would add that someone was lucky that neither Bikey or TBH got injured in the first half of the season as the goalkeeping operational need would have been nowt to the central defensive issue had that happened. The new coach will need to cross his or her fingers that we don't lose TBH to a lengthy injury at the beginning of Feb I think because that will create an overriding operational need.
  • The problem is we wont get a brittish manager while RD is still our owner.It would make sense to have a long term plan and hire someone who could give us a chance of making it to the Premierleague because surely Charlton getting promoted means more money for RD then Standard Liege winning there league
  • "consider candidates" must mean something else in Rolands World
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    "consider candidates" must mean something else in Rolands World

    Maybe it meant he considered candidates unnecessary? ;-)

    On a more serious note - 24th manager of Charlton, yet 4th in the last year. What a mess.
  • Lennie was initially caretaker and remained so for some time. I think by the time he was actually appointed most of us were very happy to have him.

    This fan was certainly very happy at the time. Home games were a real treat in those days - always lots of goals. The effort by the players under Lennie was phenomenal! Contrast that with what we've seen recently.
  • He rushed it.
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    Mr Duchatelet took a little trip to his shed, took down Mr Luzon from the hook where he's been since the SL debacle, dusted him off and presented him to the football press. Did anyone really believe Duchatelet would go anywhere else for a manager/coach? Some of the names mentioned by fans have been interesting but they were never going to be considered if for no other reason than that of cost. Football in this country is utterly dominated by money, the one thing I like about Duchatelet is that he genuinely seems to want to run a club that does not service whatever success it may get with massive debt. It is sickening to continually hear of the financial woes of clubs who then find themselves chasing the most expensive players on the planet and then 'buying' them. All serviced with debt. As expected FFP was watered down and made essentially useless. A big blow for Duchatelet and as a consequence the hopes of CAFC fans. Big name managers/coaches cost money, what's in the shed might do the trick. I'm very much afraid that the drift of Charlton fans away from the club is inevitable when it is becoming increasingly clear that Mr Duchatelet will only shuffle the pieces he already has. All that being said: 'Up the Addicks!'.
  • Pay peanuts, get monkeys
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  • Finally we are beginning to see what Duchatelet is really like. All these people on here saying 'oh, I spoke to Katrien and she was really nice..........' or 'Roland doesn't do losing.' What a load of absolute crap. His scheme is all very well but he needs a decent head coach like Chris Powell who also has the right to say 'no, I don't like this player, I don't want him.' I wish Powell had just played Thurum and lost a few matches on purpose - perhaps then Duchatelet might have listened. Come on Huddersfield!
  • Shall we start a thread for guessing next year's manager ?
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    Granpa said:

    Shall we start a thread for guessing next year's manager ?

    Do you mean the next head coach, the one after the next head coach, or the one after the one after?

    Btw, I wish people would stop calling the people RD parachutes in managers. We all know the difference, especially in this case.
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