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Charity Game

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Yeasterday at the Charity game. My summery (not that it was Summery, infact it fuggin pizzed down).

Anyway, it was good to see Killer, Johnnie Humph, Bobby Bolder and Walshie for the second time in as many weeks. A good turn out, with about 3 grand raised for the boy, who will be taken to a top London hotel and go sightseeing and to a show. I hope this can helpl give the boy a little quality to his life. Anyway back to the game in question. The rain was unreal, it mullered down 2 mins after Kick off, que me and Mrs MCS running like girls back to get the brollies from the car. Got brollies walked back and lo and behold our brollies were just not up to the job, turning inside making us pretty wet anyway! So sod that we walked back, positioned the moter towards the pitch. Not a bad view neither. The Football was ok, with the old boys playing some smart stuff. Belvedere played there part too and soon found them 3-1 up after being one down. This is when, early (ish) in the second half, I saw goal of the season, Gritty smashed in a screamer from 20 odd yards. This is, (I think) how the score ended up, 3-2 to belvedere.

The highlights of the day.

1, Being in the comfort of my car, watching Ketman and Bartram running (well attempting) away from the rain (not mild rain, fat rain).

B, Watching a fat bloke run off full pelt when it started to pizz down proper, only to run, not for cover but straight to the burger van, then walk back (still pizzing) to the touchline.

C, Watching Ketman, nearly kop off with Johnnie Humph when they were standing near each other!

D, Having the Pink 69 lucky ticket, that wasn't that lucky!

Any other Charlton Lifers there, apart from the lovely Curbit, afka and Ketman, oh and that MCS geezer?


  • great to see so much raised, and as many turn out as they did in the weather. I watched about 15 mins then retreated to the bar...
  • Ollie, Sir John Humphrey is my Hero just being in that close proximity was good enough for me.
  • I won a smashing prize in the raffle. dead chuffed.
  • Did ya, lucky you, what ya win curbit?

    Not sure if pink 69 came in, as i fecked orf and gave me tickets to Ketman.
  • I gave your tickets away mate, could not bear thought of actually shouting out 'YES IT's ME I'VE GOT PINK 69' . Did not wanna tempt fate.
  • edited October 2006
    No your ticket didnt come in.

    I won a Man Utd jacket.
  • lol, nice one.

    Curbit, why thefeck did they have a manure jacket?? Seems funny!
  • lord knows... its reversible tho, so on the inside its navy with an england badge.

    anyone want it? money raised will go the charity... no takers???? there must be.
  • my dad bought a top from the charlton shop years ago, a reversable fleece, with a waterproof side to it. on the reversible side its got a chelsea badge on it! but charlton badge on the fleece side!!
    he wears it every week! charlton side out obviously!
  • Curb It - what size is it? My nephew has decided to be a Manc (well he does live near Maidenhead to be fair) and I'm sure he would be made up with this. Only problem is he's 5...
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  • sorry, im afraid its manly size... well it fitted me.
  • If he's five, there's still time to beat it out of him.
  • @Suzi: bizarre!!! What were they thinking. Were they originally Chelsea ones that fell off the back of a lorry and the Club Shop manager thought "Yeah, I'll have those..."? Unbelievable... I hope he coloured in the Chelsea badge with a marker, ever though he knows no one will ever see it! Are you sure he got it at the Club shop? It's like some bizarre day from another dimension: first we're moving from The Valley to bloody East London of all places, and now we find out we've been selling knock off fleeces from other clubs in our own bloody club shop! Sort it out Henry!!!
  • AFKA...hi...I owe you some money for this...can you whisper your address or is there some other way I can get the money to you?
  • Ok...a cheque is in the post...
  • [cite] LenGlover:[/cite]Danny,

    you should hopefully have received my cheque by now.


    Spooky, just opened it this very second !

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