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Debbie Purdy Dies

She was a very brave lady, and as a fellow MS sufferer, I would like to highlight her death to you all

May she rest in peace

(Don't be concerned my MS is of a different type to Debbie's and I hope to be doing the stats for a few more years ! )


  • A very sad case .. but she eventually got what she wanted .. RIP
  • Very sad. My brother in law was diagnosed with MS today, and we're waiting to find out what type and what prognosis there is. Needless to say, I won't be showing this thread to Mrs Shabby. Thoughts are with Ms Purdy's family.
  • Awful that she had to resort to not eating to end her life. My aunt suffered from MS , it took her life away from her and also a good part of my uncle's.
  • I too have recently got MS. Stopped me seeing the Addicks after 45 years. Not sure I agree with the outcome Debbie Purdy was after but there are different types of MS and everyone suffers differently. A brave lady and it was her decision.
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