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The Selfie Stick

Sister-in-law got one of these yesterday, and was very pleased with it too. She doesn't do sports etc that I could understand (just about) using it for, strapping it to your bike etc, she's going to use it when she's out getting pissed every other night with her other over-compensating, recently divorced friends.

What I want to know is why anyone would want to take a 2ft pole on a night out to take a bloody selfie?

Firstly, surely that's more awkward than just taking a digital camera out and setting it on delay mode on the other side of your table? Or more effort than asking a random other drinker to take a photo for you?

Secondly, can't you just enjoy your night out without the need for facebooking bloody selfies every two minutes? And hashtagging #selfie #barname #hilarious #bestnightever #imnotboredhonest

I'm sad this is going to become a 'thing'.

Anyone got any ideas why anyone would want one?!


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