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In-laws at Xmas

On Monday got let down by my son-in-law who was supposed to bring our granddaughter over to go to a pantomime. Decided to play golf and left me to take time off work and drive 40 miles round trip to avoid her being disappointed.

Returned to the office, put my mobile phone on the desk and started telling colleague why I was late. Ripped into my lazy good for nothing son-in-law who mysteriously disappears to play golf or tennis or urgent meetings whenever he’s needed. Apart from that he's fine.

After five minutes of trashing him and recounting his every past failure as a good and worthy son-in-law, I glanced down and saw I was on an active call to Bob my son-in-law. He texted me an hour later. “You pocket dialled me earlier. A bit awkward….”


  • Got what he in-laws have just left - Xmas in peace!
  • It was the truth - only he should feel awkward
  • I remember C&*%ing my team of four off to the missus, as we do in private, about how hard I work in comparison, how they Skive off, how They need to pull their finger out or we'll all lose our job, how they lie about what they've done.

    Yep, same, was putting shopping in the car with my phone in hand, back in pocket, 15 minute 'skinnergate' conversation.

    Gone down in office folklore, never ever been allowed to forget it, 5 years on.

    I now work from home.
  • iainment said:

    It was the truth - only he should feel awkward

    Yep. He should be embarrassed, not you.
  • Redial him tell him you haven't finished yet
  • best way of telling him how you may just want to tell him that is was no accident & that you ddint phone him by mistake.
  • Well Christmas is going to be fun
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