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It's official: this is the most exciting season in the history of CAFC

Football fans in south London are celebrating the news that their club is officially enjoying their most exciting season on record according to new research undertaken by the University of Greenwich.

In a comprehensive survey sponsored by a leading Antwerp based electronic sub-component distribution and quality assurance company and undertaken by Professor Bob Blanket head of the university's new department of sports culture, statistics and media, results have shown that Charlton Athletic fans have enjoyed more thrills in 2014-15 than any other season in their history.

"It's too early to jump to conclusions" says Professor Blanket, "but this could well be the most revealing survey this department has undertaken since our exposure of widespread incontinence in international snooker".

Blanket explains that the research carefully measures key indicators over several seasons such as the warmth of pies, goals scored by players with odd names, fixtures against teams like Huddersfield , queues at the toilets at half-time and the charisma of key club figures.

"It's hard to avoid the conclusion that this is a very exciting period for this football club," says Blanket, stuffing a cheque into his trouser pocket.

"I understand that fans have been breathless with excitement since I took over", says owner Roland Duchatalet, who one journalist once accused of having had two glasses of red wine before dinner.

Duchatalet has a well founded reputation as a crazy-maverick-playboy in the European electronic sub-components distribution and quality-control sector and is not afraid to stay up after 9pm if there is something quite interesting in the TV.

" We have even changed the kit from red and white to white and red and now you can even buy vegetarian falafel in the East Stand " says Duchatelet pulling recklessly on a de-caffinated carrot juice.

"It's just crazy," said popular coach Bob Peters, who was taking a break from writing his latest coaching manual " How to achieve the same score in every match of a season".

"I haven't known anything like this in my career since having root canal work at a dentist in Bruges and they cancelled the appointment at the last minute due to heavy drizzle."

"Sometimes we go out there and draw 1-1 and other days we just go out there and draw 1-1- it's just impossible to predict," says Peters.

Since being taken over by charismatic playboy Roland Duchatalet last year most Charlton fans have agreed it has been a heady mix of quite interesting football and averagely reasonable food in a decent family atmosphere with very nice people attending.

"I thought the Premiership years under Curbs were more interesting to be honest and the promotion year under Chrissy P..." says Ronny Rizla, the acting chair of the Charlton Popular Supporters Front before being led away by stewards.

Mr Duchatelet is 94.


  • it's Peeters
  • welcome back the only and only @grumpyaddick .. CL's master satirist
  • 0-0 is the new 4-3.
  • (Another) nice one Grumpy.
  • thanks Grumpy
  • Loved the classic newspaper line, "Mr Duchatelet is 94".
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    Can't believe you can get so many things wrong. Duchatelet took over this year, not last year. Get your facts right!
  • 'Tis the season to feel jolly.......
  • very good Grumps !
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  • " How to achieve the same score in every match of a season"

    Genuinely made me laugh !

    Brilliant stuff.
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