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Valley Express from Whitstable

I was just wondering if anyone knew where exactly the pick up point for this is. Basically i'm a student at Kent Uni who couldn't get a ticket on the coach from Canterbury so I thought i'd get one from Whitstable instead.
Online it says the pick up point is Reeves Way (Rear of B & Q), but from google maps it seems like a dead-end road with no bus stops. I've never actually been to Whitstable, though I do at least now know where Reeves Way is, and I was just wondering if anyone who has travelled from Whitstable before could be more specific about where the pick up point is.
I'll probably ring the ticket office tomorrow but i'm not sure the people working there will know anymore than what is says online.


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    From recollection you might find the coach pulls in and turns round. We had some problems with the original pick-up outside Tesco.
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    It is a bit of a dead end road, basically just one that is off the back of the Thanet Way to make it easier for them to get going.

    But their description is accurate.

    Think it went from by Tesco at some point too, I'm sure I've done both.
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    And you'll see a big coach on a very quiet road, trust he you'll find it easily enough.
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    ok sounds simple enough then, thank you both for your help
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