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Aint Software rubbish lol

As a techincal support, systems administrator person of many years I have come to the conclusion that software is rubbish. I have not come across software that has not got any bugs in it. Arcserve well what a load of old ****, that is the view of me not Charlton life web site owners. New Vista to make it go faster you need a usb flash card hanging out of your pc brilliant !!! My morale in this industry is slowly going down the pan and im close to taking on all my companies programmers lol.


  • I gave up worrying about this years ago and came to the conclusion that computers and software are evil (not Hitler evil but evil nonetheless)
  • write your own.. thats what i do!
  • Get a new job. I know just the man ;-)
  • [cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]Get a new job. I know just the man ;-)

    yeah as a mac operator, and use a mac! Applications rarely crash, neither does the mac!
  • Mac's are alright but no one uses them..... Its the BetaMax of computers
  • i use them, never crash, never freeze and i am handling massive images daily!
  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]i am handling massive spliffs daily!
  • Untrue Dan my old son, only cool people use them..
  • Crap software keeps the IT job market larger than it should need to be. Works the same way as bureaucracy.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]Mac's are alright but no one uses them..... Its the BetaMax of computers[/quote]

    everyone has got em here in canada.

    i am a convert, macs kill pc's
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