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Travel Info - Swale/Medway/Dartford Valley Express Updated Narrich at Home Sunday



  • [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]No he's from Orpington

    Eh? Thought it was Bromley?
  • [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]No he's from Orpington

    Eh? Thought it was Bromley?

    Petts Wood ?
  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: Carter[/cite]No he's from Orpington

    Eh? Thought it was Bromley?

    Petts Wood ?

    Hmmmm. Am sure I can recall, after an away game, George singing that he was from Bromley Town, adding a suggestion that the ladies should relieve themselves of their undergarments?
  • Could you stop hijacking this thread, it's for inhabitants of Medway, Swale and Dartford and not talk of ladies undergarments.

  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]OK Guys this is the Timetable for Sunday, we do not have any Engineering works but alas Adam the Maidstone Barracks East & West line is in a right mess you'll either need a lift over to ours or a Cab will be required. Let me know what ya wanna do.

    Great I'll have a think
  • Another £100 taxi for Dyer?
  • We're not homophobic
  • [cite]Posted By: Medders[/cite]Another £100 taxi for Dyer?

    My funds are still suffering the consequences of the last one!! Iwont be repeating that this weekend!!
    Note to self when they say the last trains in a bit no matter how much fun it is LEAVE!!
  • You're an animal Ketman

    I'll be at Chatham shaking like a shitting dog draining off a bottle of something strong for 9.30. Barbarians
  • edited April 2009
    Tickets home all booked, cya later £70

    Cya in the Valley Cafe for 10:30 ladies!
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  • I have the Case of Hooligans under my desk at work 24 Bottles for just over £13 as get 50% discount here at Shep Neame. See you all on the train, Glenn, Ollie will you be joining us ?
  • Yeah, should be meeting you on the train
  • Confirmed so far then :-

    Ketman, Medders, Gumbo, CAFCBourne, Carter, WSS....
  • so if i flag down the 10.16 at dartford and board i guess the last carriage i will be rewarded with a nice cold hooligans......doing my maths number of beers divided by number of beerdrinkers dived by number of beers per hour id expect to see no full beers just alot of dead uns..............guess ill bring some......
    all aboard the skylark !
  • yeah, pop along dg.
  • Yes mate, count me in, will get on your train at beleverederederderedererdererederredededdererereredderererererrdere if indeed stops in beleveveredererederredereredederderererererederededdereredededededededrererererere, if i will get on at scabby wood or eariff!
  • It will be Abbey Wood i should think fella.
  • What about Earifffff tho?? Will it stop there??
  • No to Erith mate... Dartford or Abbey Wood for you...

    Trainspotter Medders at your service
  • Scabby wood it is then. Rock on.
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