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Ben Haim and Jackson

Loved it when we signed Ben Haim although most fans on here were slagging him off left right and Centre - he's past it, on the down not the up, waste of space blah blah blah and all that game. Listen, He's a big part of why we remain unbeatan and needs another year or two on his contact imho. And as for Jackson, he's still a player that can come up big for us although I would not be starting him but worthy of a good 20 min run out to rally the lads and get the late ones like QPR and Norwich and I for one hope he stays involved with the club when his legs finally fail him.


  • I was very wary of Ben Haim as I always found him a bit of a mercenary, felt he did a bit of a Scott Parker when he left Bolton for Chelsea and wasnt sure what we'd be getting... Very quickly though I've been shocked at how well he's done (Its proving very tough to pick a POTY at the moment!!)
  • I'll be first to put my hand up then shall I.

    I take it back about Ben Haim.
  • Yep wasn't at all sure about TBH, but he is a class footballer, and he and Bikey complement each other superbly.
  • Ben Haim is outstanding.
    I put my hand up and take back what I said about TBH too.
  • Yep, I was gutted when we signed TBH, he's now one of my favourite players tbh
  • Maybe we need to get some longer contract offers out now!
  • Him and Bikey have been brilliant so far but maybe it's because they are experienced defenders.
  • Every single game people have underrated and continued to overlook Tal yet give immense credit to Bikey.

    Really pleased he's finally getting the plaudits he deserves. An excellent footballer.
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  • Didn't notice any sloppy passing errors that has happened previously (though missed some of game due to stream), just good old solid defending. Him and Bikey proving to be inspired signings.
  • I have always said how intelligent he is a a player. I was excited when we signed him and was so shocked at the hostility towards him on CL but these are good comments to see. Agreed that Bikey and BH completely compliment each other and the team
  • TBH may have had a slightly controversial career, but there's no disputing his quality at this level. He didn't play much for Chelsea but to be signed by Jose shows his ability, and his with his lack of games over the years, I guess he ought to be fresh!
  • class above is TBH, still has his physical attributes as is absolutley ripped...never been a whippet but then again hardly ever lets himself get into defensive situations where he had to rely on pace.

    but please no long term contract..keep him on year to year and keep him hungry ;)
  • Sorry TBH.

    I said you were shit.
    I was wrong.

  • Ben Haim and Bikey, best CB pairing since Fish and Costa. I'm a great admirer of Michael Morrison but these two are a class above -absolutely outstanding!
  • When he signed I thought he might do a job for a year but I'd much rather have Dervite back... I was wrong! A class above!
    Quality defensively and I would like to point out the impact and experienced head in the oppositions box had! If you watch the replay for bikeys goal you can see TBH take a small sideways step into the path of bikeys marker. This gives bikey the space to meet the ball unchallenged and put it in the back of the net..
  • Premature evaluation
  • I reckon the Bournemouth game on Saturday could be a real tough one for Bikey and Ben-Haim...

    In Rantie and Wilson, Bournemouth have two really quick Strikers and as you saw against Wolves with Sako and Dicko they did cause our Centre-Backs some problems
  • I like him and Bikey, I think they both have the danger of thinking they are too good for this league and being complacent at times (Rotherham equaliser) , but they are worthy of any upper championship or lower Prem squad.
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  • I knew TBH would be an ok defender so wasn't disappointed we signed him, but didn't honestly expect him to be as good as he is. Him and Bikey have been superb. Just hope they can keep it up. If they can't Morrison is definitely a good replacement.

    As for Jackson he can still do a job with getting goals. i would just play him behind Vetokele rather than in the centre especially if BP is going to go for lone striker up top.
  • Thought TBH was gonna come in as a back-up and had no problem with that, his experience alone would have been worthwhile. But the performances he's put in, im not having anyone saw that coming.
  • It's a long season but for 25% of it (and hopefully counting) both Bikey and Ben Haim have been excellent.
  • TBH has been excellent. Mr Consistent.
  • Ben Haim has been quality I even noticed on Twitter Israel fans were saying he was back to he's best in the international games and looked fit and playing well.
  • If we had lesser quality 2 CB's...our league position would be very different.
  • I mildly criticised TBH after the Brentford game because he seemed to be appearing all over the place. I think that it was because I had become used to two Centre Backs holding their central position ready to head away the up and unders that were always arriving. This season we look a very different outfit, and Talal and Bikey have played a major part. Happy days for me.
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