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Man Utd friendlies

Got to love the double standards of these clubs. You would think they'd be greatful for the break given the whining they usually do over playing too many games. A club driven by greed as much as it is trophies


  • True, how many times did Fergie moan about long away trips in mid week and then having to play on Saturday. But when it suits them its ok.
  • I also assume that UEFA wouldn't allow them to play European teams as it would distract from Champions League/Europa Cup so they would have to venture further afield to the MIddle East/Asia or the Americas meaning an even longer trip.

  • For a club with a large squad & no competitive European fixtures, the odd friendly could enable the manager to play players who don't normally regularly make the first team. It would also enable fans to enjoy the non-domestic football they would otherwise miss. Further, it would also raise additional funds.

    The fact that the potential fixtures are overseas indicates fans needs may not be the driving force behind this idea.

    If there was space in the season and if it was not seriously detrimental to how the team was likely to perform in the league, I would welcome the chance to play continental opposition during the season. Due to the size of our squad, it may not be likely.
  • These days they have nothing else to do.
  • They could set it up as a challenge: 'MK Dons beat us 4 nil, can you do better?'
  • The Manchester Utd. players' huge number of non-playing contractual commitments during their U.S. summer tour (which Van Gaal rightly expressed concern about) reflected the financial priorities of the Glazers. The announcement that they are now considering midweek friendlies to try and plug the Champions League hole in the finances merely underscores this.
  • Surely such Friendlies would be 5 aside jobbies ?

    They only have enough fit players for such matches.
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    What are the chances they play most of these friendlies in countries they are trying to sell another million shirts to, this has nothing to do with the players, fans & team success, purely to do with selling the Man Utd brand to more parts of the world, just like all those clubs who went on American tours in the summer after the USA really took to "Soccer" during the World Cup.

    It's a shame for the sport that this mindset happens from those running our clubs.
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  • Really could see the Champions League disappearing if teams decide to go off midweek to play in small team tournaments if offered higher revenue
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