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I don't mean to put anyone on a downer and I'm sure previous generations have done this to death but everything I read these days can really test my positivity. Tonight I have read about the worsening drought in the central/western United States where water levels in very important Dams are reaching critical levels. This in turn can have an impact on the food supply chain since half the world's grain is produced there. Plus the fact that the jet streams in both the southern & northern hemisphere are widening and scientists think that this is having an impact on the bizarre unseasonal weather globally.

I then read about e-bola and potential catastrophic viruses and how more and more are being transferred from animal to human. The article went onto explain that as the population grows, we are becoming increasingly exposed to traditional 'wildlife' territories where such diseases occur. This is particularly true of Central Africa and South East Asia. Of course society in those regions isn't as well developed and doesn't have the infrastructure to cope with possible outbreaks.

Then that got me thinking of that video posted on CL about the history of the world in 2 mins, and someone replied with a population map over and up until 2030. Ridiculous concentration in places like India. I asked my colleague who's family are from there about their population boom, and she said sex education and protection is minimal because of the widespread poverty. I then asked surely families would think if they are living in poverty then another mouth to feed would be a burden. She said it's the other way round. They basically see it as another child who can go out begging once they are 4/5 years old.

Then I got to thinking about the climate change summit last week and how we've got 30 years to basically save the planet. That's never going to happen when you look at the likes of China, India and the U.S.

There was a great piece on the news at the back end of last week about the cost of living in London and it facing a talent drain if prices continue to rise. That does my head in, as I feel I've already been priced out of buying a house in the city I grew up in.

Then you have the Conservative party conference talking about freezing people's benefits and not running them in line with inflation. It's all too much sometimes.

To top it all off, there's always a cracking article in the evening standard about what restaurant and club Rita Ora goes too, followed by a look at the new residents of Primrose Hill. What a load of shite.

Maybe I shouldn't have written this thread but sometimes you need to get things off your chest. I did take one positive out of today though and saw that one lifer got himself a job on the looking for work thread, so that cheered me up.


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