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Mark Mansfield

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glad to hear I'm not forgotten. I'm now Vic from Bexleyheath


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    A legend in your own life time.

    So what's the John Hewie story then ?
  • As soon as you log off Vic, is Sylvie gonna start posting?
  • Hi guys I'm still about. I'm moved to Bexleyheath. My wife is SYLVIA . I sit in the West stand now. We are both season ticket holders. Great days. Conversed with Mark on Twitter last night. Great days. Didn't they used to get wound up :-)))
  • So who is/was Vic Skinner? was he also a Vic calling on RTM?
  • So who is/was Vic Skinner? was he also a Vic calling on RTM?

    No, he's a rapper from hip hop combo The Streets
  • Vic Skinner was a Valley Party candidate who is very much still with us. I met him in August when he bought a copy of the updated Battle for The Valley.
  • Right so that is why the name is familiar. But he was not the Vic from Charlton who would cheer us all up on RTM, right. That is Vic O'Connor, presumably?
  • looks that way
  • Certainly was
  • I would really love to know if Vic still goes and has he, by any chance got Curb's autograph?
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