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Paul Smith

What the cluck sort of scorecards were those?!?!?



  • At least they could have made it less obvious and gave it to AA by a round or two
  • Abraham didn't deserve to win it he was blowing out of his arse I had Smith by 2 rounds and that was with a tight 11th and Abraham winning the 12th
  • One of my favourite designers.
  • Typical shit judging, smithy knows he shouldn't have left it in their hands
  • It's not as simple as just knocking a world champ out though is it?

    Judging was disgusting even for Germany. And rarely have I seen a world level fighter visibility blowing out of his arse like abraham was from round seven. Very poor show from the officials
  • Fucking joke no British boxer should ever fight in Germany again fucking cheats
  • A round either way would have been fair, there were some very close rounds that could have been given to either fighter. Total farce in the end, and such a shame after all the heard work that Smiffy would have put in to his preparation.

    The worst thing about all this is we know what's going to happen and we're still disappointed. Before the first bell has even rung we're saying how Smith has to knock him out because he won't get any help from the judges. How can that be the case in any sport?!
  • Exactly, makes the sport a laughing stock

    Lets be honest, the British scoring leaves a nasty taste in the mouth so our hands are not immaculate
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    Oops, ignore me
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  • Paul Smith? So 1990s.
  • The worst, put me off boxing again for a bit.

    If there would have been a marginal win for either Smith or Abraham, no complaints. I think the more fair/right result would have been a marginal win for Smith but considering the home advantage I saw a draw coming. Never expected them scorecards. 119-109. Disgrace.

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