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One for the 'taking offence' police - Partizan against Spurs

10/10 for effort and creativity though.


  • I wouldn't say 10/10.

    It's to different phonically to really regard it as a pun and there is a discrepancy in the typeface between this and the original. 7/10, must try harder.
  • There's a plumber in Welling called Only Flows and Hoses. Works much better than that sign.
  • If I'm Jewish then I think that means I have final say on the matter.
  • edited September 2014
    I prefer the Ajax banner on Wednesday
  • Am surprised Spurs have made an official complaint. I thought it was bloody funny.

    But as NYaddick alludes to, this is the Serbs we're talking about here. No surprise Danny Rose was left out of the squad last night.
  • It's implying you're either one or the other, so it isn't racist at least.
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