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Caption Competition Week 2

Thanks to our Captain I can get Week 2 started now, and I dont have to look for a picture



  • Leave it fella!
    I know that bloke Paulie has started ANOTHER thread but it's not worth it.
  • I don't think he realises his hair is too long for highlights, Cristiano's nan showed me the perfect length and poor Churchy's got it all wrong
  • "What? That tosser gave the last caption comp to stoneroses?"
    "Leave it mate. He's not worth it!"
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    Church: "You want some? I'll give it yerrrr."
    Bale: "He's not worth it mate."

    ....or is he?
    @paulie8290, because he's worth it.
  • What? That bloke over there did your highlights?
    Leave him! It's Paulie. He knows feck all about highlights.
  • What's that Churchy?
    He left you his number?
    8290 isn't even a real number. Leave it mate. He's not worth it mate.
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    Dont be upset mate.
    Paulie's tits would come out THIS far on your shirt!
  • edited September 2014
    It's ok mate.
    We have done our bit for remembering 9/11. Just swap places with me and we'll be fine
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    " He's threatening to ignore things he doesn't like?"
    Ignore him mate - it's his ball and he'll do what he wants with it.
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    "Look at this one Churchy, if you move your hand like this you can make a shadow of a howling goat".
  • At least you get a game being welsh
  • edited September 2014
    Are they highlights? It's 2014, not 1997, what's wrong with you?
  • "Ah don't worry Churchy mate, I'm sure it's not you that's about to be subbed for Ledley, a midfielder, after all, as pants as you are, you are our only recognised striker!"
  • Church: Bloody hell Gareth, look at them, they're all laughing

    Bale: Don't worry mate. They're laughing at Paulie, not you............
  • Bale: Chin up, Simon. Our average transfer value is still £40 million.
  • 'Right, now keep those thoughts about paulie in your mind when you kick the ball'
  • Despite spending the summer in therapy Bale has still not been able to stop his compulsion to squeeze his team-mates nipples.
  • See that reflection?
    I look like Spock and you Churchy me old fella, bear a passing resemblance to Captain James T Kirk.
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  • Monkey say monkey do
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    " I hate thinking about how many people have gone to Church and remain joyless or judgemental or bitter or superior"

    John Ortberg/Gareth Bale
  • Dont worry Churchy... I told you Id get you a place @ Real Madrid and I keep my promises

    (Bale thought bubble... Who's he kidding, cant have Churchy upstaging me at Madrid)
  • "We swap shirts after the game Gareth......"
  • "Calm down, Churchie. There's no truth in the rumour the lads call you 'jigsaw' because you go to pieces in the box..."
  • @sirjohnhumphrey currently clear favourite to win this week, still 5 days to tho so could change
  • Bale: A ydych yn sicr eich bod yn chwarae yn Charlton Athletic Spongefoot?
  • Undercover officer DCI Bale apprehends imposter in Wales kit.
  • Don't forget my boots need a double waxing tonight Churchy...
  • "Shuffle to the other side of me churchy boy pur shirts will join to look like 911"

    "What the disaster?"

    "No the f*ckin boy band"
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