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Palace laughter continues

Iain Moody has resigned as Crystal Palace sporting director.

It follows allegations about racist, sexist and homophobic texts shared with his former colleague Malky Mackay.

The pair were sacked by Cardiff City last season and the Welsh club sent a dossier to the Football Association alleging misconduct.

"In light of the events, Iain Moody has tendered his resignation and it has been accepted with immediate effect," read a Crystal Palace statement.


  • Thanks Colin
  • Meanwhile, Palace's hunt for a manager is likely to extend into next week.

    Keith Karen Millen will remain in temporary charge for Saturday's visit of West Ham, assisted by first-team coach Ben Garner and coach Gerry Francis.
  • Doris the Tea Lady and Nigel from the Box Office are in charge of the Under 21s at Southampton over the weekend.
  • Addicted said:

    It's come to light that Doris was recently papped visiting the neo-nazi cupcake den in Camden and as a result has tendered her resignation too.

    And Nigel apparently - he said in a statement that he intends to change his name by deed poll to completely disassociate himself with all the other Nigels.
  • New management team to be unveiled shortly...

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  • edited August 2014
    Sadly the new dream team has already been forced to resign after a Daily Mail photographer Nookie caught doing a "Di Canio"

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