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Watching Charlton games

Dear lifers (thats the correct term to use isnt'it ?)

I've been trying to find ways to follow Charlton a lot closer without having to hop over the pond (Spurs are killing my time and budget for that), is there a channel that broadcasts the games around the world or are there other ways to follow live games (official streams?)- last year the few images i watched were all thanks to the football league show on BBC and their game round ups are very brief.

Any recommendations ?


  • CAFC player for a small subscription gets you extended highlights
  • I think the Fulham game is going to be on sky, so you will get to see that. Although we vary rarely turn up for TV games so you might want to give it a miss
  • You do get live streams from time to time (some report that the Brentford game will be on the internet), and even official television. For about 50 euros a year you can get live commentary of every game and bits and pieces of highlights and interviews on cafc player. The club also have a youtube thing that sometimes shows stuff.
    Failing that, the very best way to follow the games as they happen is to come on this site and read the match threads.
    Red Midland is the leader there for nearly every game, I help out when we are playing away and I can't get there...mind you I will be at Brentford so RM will be on his own a little bit.
    Charlton Life on match days can frequently top 1000 followers on the match thread.
  • Legally, the only way to see live games is through your local guys. Otherwise if we're lucky we might get a half dozen on free streaming sites, dependent on the games being shown live somewhere.

    It's getting a lot easier for us to share goals on match day via iphone/ Sky Sports News/ YouTube, who show a round up between 7-8pm most weeks but the goals probably won't stay on YT for very long. And they only really show basic clips. BBC Online tend to post longer highlights a few days after the game I think.

    Otherwise, CAFC Player is the most consistent reliable way of keeping up to speed and they show the most extended highlights. For match day experience, listen to Seth.
  • For midweek league games, Sky Sport News sometimes show the goals a few seconds after it has happened, not a lot to see, but good if it is us scoring
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