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Club web site

Anyone else think the club website is a whole lot better? At least I go on it now, which is more than I used to do!


  • Shag said:

    Got a link mate ?

    Google is your friend
  • Not used it in about 2 years
  • I havent really bothered with it for years.
  • Still preferred it when we had our own Website... Hate this "set" design we have to have

    Totally agree. All the Championship clubs look exactly the same with just a slight difference in colours. And this is how the OS usually looks on my computer - the contents are forever loading:

    I do miss the old site:
    I miss 2005
  • BWP assist for Lloyd's goal - love that
  • WSS said:

    BWP assist for Lloyd's goal - love that

    Now playing together for RBNY. Funny how things work out...
  • I very rarely go on it. It's generically horrible.
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  • ...Church just keeps on missing.
  • Has Geoff Hurst buggered off yet?
  • Anybody else getting this message when you try to go on the cafc website?: -

    There’s a problem with this website’s security certificate
    This might mean that someone’s trying to trick you or steal any information that you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.

    Go to my homepage instead

    Continue to this web page (not recommended)
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