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Uploading videos

edited April 2007 in Troubleshooting
Does anyone know how to stick a video file on this site? I've got two that should inspire the goodbye beard campaign but can't but the baskets on here.

If someone who knows how whispers me their e-mail address I'm at work for another five minutes and can e-mail the files over?????


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    send a whisper to Lookout
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    If they are phone videos then they'll probably need to be converted first, which is a problem.
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    Stick 'em on YouTube.
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    If you have a phone that links to your computer, you should have software that converts the file. Keep up Dicko.
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    Just had a go and they're too big!

    I'll e-mail them to Andy to stick on youtube
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    They are on ther way on mate.
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    pub tomorrow lads?
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    edited April 2007
    it would be rude not to. u?
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    yeah i should think so
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    Driving tomorrow Andy?

    I've gotta drive to Sheff Utd now as I'm dj'ing later that day so you have a choice of modes of transport next week

    You know you want to...
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    ow no you nutter! Your not comming for the curry then?

    Dunno on the driving dood. I fancy a beer. im driving when we go out tonight so if i drive tommorow it will be a completely beer free weekend and thats wrong! And watching football while everyone else is drinking beer and your drinking coke.................NIGHTMARE! But if theres no other means then ill drive. im not going to bother with trains and stuff.

    Cant believe you driving to the sheffield game.........You melt! you have to blow out the djing mate. Think about it. If we win the celebrations are gonna be amazing and you will be gutted if you have to leave early.
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