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Valley Gold 25 Anniversary Dinner Tickets on Sale - 7 December 2014

After the success of the Back to the Valley Dinner the theme this year will be Valley Gold so the guests will be academy and youth products from the past quarter of a decade.

Sad to see the late Bernard Wickham in that picture but what a typical pic of the man


  • bump.

    I know a lot of lifers really enjoyed last years BTTV21 do so book early.

    And some of the money goes to the museum.
  • I got mine the first day on sale.
  • Sorry, we either attend this 3 hour event or spend the same amount of money to get six days in the S. Of France with a lot of friends. Just our take on it, but loyalty has been stretched beyond bank balances.
  • I can't have good friends then, as mine can't get me six days in the South of France for £45.
  • Probably living on bread, water with a couple of fish thrown in
  • edited June 2014
    Try a campsite! Tonight we had confusion food. Eating up the leftovers and stone baked aubergines plus an inelegant sufficiency of Provence Gris. Don't knock it until you've tried it!
  • Should we cancel our holiday in Hawaii so we can be there or will I have to miss it this year?

    I'd better ask the wife.
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