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Brad Friedel & World Cup Pundits

Am I the only one who has been impressed by his punditry at this World Cup? I think he's excellent.


  • He has been very good.
  • First time i've seen him as a pundit, liked him a lot
  • He has been excellent, very very good - but not much competition to be fair. I frequently feel very sorry for the superb Gary Lineker to have to put up with the dreadful pundits he's been given in recent times.
  • Agree and Ive been impressed by Henry and Seedorf as well.
  • always thought he spoke well when I've seen him on Sky, Linekar is superb but some of the dullards they make him sit with.

    ITV is even worse......Viera is shocking

  • I really thought friedel was excellent last night. The best punditry I've seen in this world cup by a long way
  • Have to say Danny Murphy did well IMO

    Martin Keown gets a special award for having to follow Jonathan Pearce.
  • At the risk of sounding a bit xenophobic... it probably helps that English is his first language (albeit the American version), while Cannavaro (for example) is a lot more astute/analytical than he is coming across but just doesn't quite know how to translate that into English. Italians seem to have a good way of summing up complex principles into single words but that doesn't always translate well. Henry has impressed also but he speaks English pretty fluently after many years here, whereas the likes of Seedorf and Cannavaro probably picked it up but don't speak it naturally (if that is the right word.)

    Lots of sweeping generalisations there, and there are plenty of pundits who talk utter crap in English too, but just a thought I had.
  • remember him scoring at The Valley about a min before Jensen smashed it past him for the winner.

    he said last nigh " there are far to many foreign players in the Prem and he dosnt see for young English players can break through"
  • Friedel and Henry were fantastic for me, gave you the kind of insight to the game that G Neville gives on sky sports.
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  • Helps when the pundit is still playing. Too many dinosaurs like Lawrenson, who lets be honest, haven't got a clue and have to rely on shit jokes.
  • Alan Hansen is diabolical.

  • The worst by a country mile is Savage. He was literally shouting in the CR v Italy match about the "stonewall penalty" the ref had missed. It was a fixation for him for the next 10 minutes. Complete and utter fuckwit.
  • It really is night and day between the pundits ITV and BBC have. May be helped by not having Adrian Chiles talking rubbish to them the whole time though.
  • There can't be anyone worse than Lawrenson. I'd rather have Chiles in my living room, sitting next to me in his manky shorts than listen to another miserable word out of Lawrenson's mouth. He thinks he's the voice of reason in an increasingly ridiculous game but really he's just that bloke who sits in the backseat telling you you're in the wrong gear or you're not using the windscreen wipers right. I can imagine him seeing his grandson taking his first steps and saying 'well, he's hardly moving fast is he?' Cock.
  • He's "dope".
  • Wrighty's back.
  • Wrighty's back.

    Yeah, just read what happened to his family - shocking.
    Always thought he lived in Blackheath.
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