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Growing a beard

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So mines at the itchy stage right now, any CL experts: Should one use beard softener? Should one comb it?


So far I have trimmed the tache off the top lip, one assumes this is best practice



  • dont do it, they look awful.
  • personal question...
  • Peak beard has already been reached. You've missed the party.
  • I use conditioner. I'm at the stage where everyone tells me to shave but I refuse
  • Growing beards now = sheep
  • I'm 43 do you think I care what fashion is now, believe me its a coincidence, and even if it weren't I wouldn't give a toss :D
  • thought this was another paulie thread... actually you could ask his Nan what she thinks?
  • i only have a beard/short beard because clean shaven i look about 12 years old - plus the missus would kill me if i shaved it off! Use conditioner and don't forget to sculpt it to a shape, even if it's just shaving a centimetre or so off the edges of the beard makes it look a lot better and smarter. Invest in a good beard trimmer, so that's a £40-£60 one, not the cheap trimmer that comes with the electric razor.
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    Just shaved mine off yesterday, weather just too close and hot.

    Been sporting a medium length coiffured effort since I got back down from Jockland in the New Year. Pretty grey hair wise nowadays but the beard WAS snow white and I have been forced to admit to myself "this is NOT a good look mate"

    This was brought home by my daughter sending me a Fathers Day card with a picture of my beautiful new baby grand daughter Ella being held by what I can only describe as something off of Monsters Inc...

  • I've been growing one on and off all year. When I say that, I'm shaving about once every 3 weeks. Grow beard, get bored, start again, get bored. It looks good to a point then it doesnt look so cool when the grey hairs are clearly visible.

    Have decided to invest in a trimmer and will keep it short I think.
  • got a full one at the moment.

    i look fabulous.
  • I got a patch under my chin that doesn't seem to grow te same as the rest of it, but once it's long enough should just blend. Got some beard trimmers for my birthday to keep it neat.

    I get major beard envy off Hamer
  • Get one in on loan from Belgium......

    (it's a woman by the way..)
  • I think they look cool as fuck tbh.

    More people shave than don't..
    Shaving = sheep

    Think you mean sheep shearing ?

  • razil said:

    I'm 43 do you think I care what fashion is now, believe me its a coincidence, and even if it weren't I wouldn't give a toss :D

    Of course...
  • I have had stubble / short beard since I was about 19. I look about 12 years old if I shave. My bird likes it too (tickles down there maybe?).

    I have inspiration. I keep my beard about this length at all times. My hair has started receeding (I am only 27 :( ) but soon I can adopt this style.

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    Have had one since 1975 and have got very attached to it . Did it originally to have a few more minutes in bed of a work morning what with not having to shave. Used to trim it regularly but in recent years (since retiring) have adopted a more relaxed approach. I like to think it resembles the 'Killer' look but in a grey sort of way. Yes, keep the 'tash trimmed or it'll suffer from tea/coffee/soup stains, though leaving the ends long can give you the 'Zapata' look. I also like to think it hides the double/triple chins but have a feeling that scheme isn't working out. Give it a go and see how you get on, you'll soon find out if it's for you.

    Been lucky perhaps but only get irritation in hot weather and it doesn't last long. I do use Head and Shoulders shampoo and give the beard a wash with it when I do my hair.
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  • I've been tempted. I generally have a trim every few days at 3mm, optimum stuble. I always shave the moustache off though, I hate it.

    When I try to actually beard it up though (or laziness strikes) I get to the stage where I have ginger patches.. I don't like that. So it goes. That also coincides with the itchy period.

    Truth be told after 5 years of never being clean shaven I'm actually terrified about shaving; I have visions of blotchy irritated skin. My neck is a nightmare as it is after a clean shave - I've tried oil, shaving soap and a brush, moisturiser and so on.

    So far the best way of reducing irritation there is shaving soap, a brush and a lot of moisturiser. Still isn't too great.
  • I use conditioner. I'm at the stage where everyone tells me to shave but I refuse


  • I keep growing one every couple of weeks recently trouble is mine is very white around the chin so I get pissed off with it. Reckon though it has saved me about 60 pounds in razors!

    Also, skin is a lot better for not being scraped every day when I do shave.
  • I've had my beard for longer than I can remember, I don't think anyone would recognise me if I shaved.
  • Your beard is important!
  • Shaving is far too energetic and time consuming for me, if I didn't have to do it for the fire service I would look like a mad old hermit.
  • Great beards of our times...



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    have not been clean shaven in a year or so, using a 30 quid (dedicated) beard trimmer tho, either my age or doing that has meant leaving it a few weeks and a fairly OK beard by my own standards (not very high) so I'm tempted to do the 'manly' thing and see how decent I get it..
  • razil said:

    Should one use beard softener?

    Is that a real thing?

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