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Chris Difford

I know some people on here are friends of Chris and watch him play. He is coming to our village in a couple of weeks. Does he play Squeeze stuff and does he have a backing band?


  • Is he coming to open the fete? Or maybe his missus has cooked some Cup Cakes?
  • Hi Jorge
    His stage fright has improved greatly in the past 2 years.
    Playing solo he tends to have a power-point presentation which focusses attention whilst he plays.
    The pictures are brilliant - many old Squeeze or family pictures delivered with humour.
    He tries to play to time so that he finishes in time for each set of slides.

    Music is a mixture of old and new - his last three solo CD's are brilliant - if I were you I'd buy them and listen to them before he plays. The Last Temptation of Chris would be my start point. some of the lyrics of his songs are so personal and moving I have been known to shed a quiet tear or two. 'I Didnt Get Where I Am' would be my second purchase.
    South East Side story is a CD of his interpretations of Squeeze songs.

    Sometimes he plays as a trio - maybe Boo Herwadine, and the sublime Dorie Jackson.
    This kind of thing

    I've seen him play with John Bentley (ex Squeeze bassist) as well.

    You will be assured of a calm, emotional, warm and enjoyable experience.
    I hope.
  • Thanks A-R-T-H-U-R we will get tickets. It's quite an intimate venue so should be a good night.
  • Saw him last year in a Birmingham garden centre with just 25 seats.
    Intimate is good - enjoy - just dont ask me for a refund if it's not your cup of tea!
    (His last tour was called 'It's all about tea')
  • He played in my back garden for my 10th wedding anniversary. Memorable night.
  • He played in my back garden for my 10th wedding anniversary. Memorable night.

    I REALLY hope that isn't a euphemism!

    Wanted him to play at my wedding but he had a gig already.

    How much did it set you back?

  • £600...played for an hour, it was a surreal experience but worthwhile.
  • Got to be loving that Falconwood!

    Looking forward to seeing Squeeze, Paul Carrack and Chas & Dave at the Hop Farm in a couple of weeks.
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