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Xbox help

Complete Luddite here.

Set up my sons xbox live account at Christmas but never really used it. It was the free one that came with the console.
Anyhow, he now wants to buy an update for one of his games. When I go on payment details and try and set up it's looking for American details only,state, zip code etc. and I can't change the region.
So I went onto xbox live via my laptop where I was able to change the region and enter my PayPal details.
Back to the xbox and still no change.
Any help much appreciated.
I feel like my Dad!


  • It should be an easy change, just go onto system settings and go from there. If it proves difficult still let me know and I'll do a step by step guide for you.
  • Cheers mate. Still struggling . Did the initial set up again which was fine.

    "Managing payment options" are where the problems start?
  • 360 or XBox One?
  • Hmm, I've never encountered that problem, maybe give Microsoft helpline a call, they are usually very good.
  • Unplug it and plug it in again.
    Happy to help.
  • Think I've found the problem. Soppy boll*x here managed to set up a us account instead of a uk one!
    Advisor said it was the first time he'd seen it!
  • Just started playing GTA5 online on the Xbox 360, but can't seem to find the same features that others have got (Casino etc.). All it seems to be is racing or gunfights with other people online and not a lot else.

    Does anyone know if GTA5 online is different on the 360 to what it is on newer consoles please?
  • I expect that hardware isn't capable of running a lot of the newer things added, along with the fact that very few people will still be using a 360 to play there is no point updating things for that system.

    Rockstar are shutting down 360 support for GTA5 online in December anyway so you will need to find a new way to play.
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