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Wembley 2020

Is it only me who is completely underwhelmed with the prospect that the Euro 2020 final will either be in Wembley or Munich. Sky news reported it as, "Fantastic news for Wembley Stadium". That, it may well be, but is it fantastic news for supporters?

I guess my chief concern is that I don't like the idea of the competition going on tour. To me it cheapens it and reduces it to the level of the Champions League. The Euro competition should be a festival of football, a fiesta, a carnival. By throwing it open to the four corners of the continent it will be watered down into just another digital money-spinning bonanza for UEFA and the tv barons. A soulless one at that, given that it will be devoid of history, geography or culture.

If there is one potential benefit of spreading it around like this, it is to give those countries that wouldn't normally get to hold a major tournament a chance of hosting a final. That being the case, why not put the final in the Hrazdan Stadium, Lansdowne Road or even Laugardalsvöllur? London and Munich have both had the final before and both will again. Another case of finances ruling sport?


  • Or give as many fans as possible the chance to see the final.
  • I reckon that 2020 should be given to the smaller countries that arent going to be big enough to host a competition on their own - Wales / Scotland / Norway / Azerbaijan / Sweden / Iceland etc... are the places this one should be going

    13 Cities... Maybe one big location for the Semis and Final and then 5 locations from Western Europe / 5 locations from Eastern Europe!!
  • I don't like the new concept but if it's going ahead the final at wembley and also using Cardiff and Hamden would be great.
  • Couldn't give a monkeys chuff to be honest!!
  • Eurovision football contest
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