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Charlton Plus - Easter Sunday (Tonight!)

Charlton Plus will be on air tonight at 8 o'clock.

Brian and Glynne will be in the studio (minus Dan, for this evening) to talk about the Man City result, tomorrows game and all the rest of the results over the weekend!

As always, we need your input! Feel free to comment on any of the above, or have your say on anything else (including the charity match).

You can contact us via:

Tel: 0208 123 9377
Email: [email protected] (or via the contact form -
Skype: charltonplus to get the link to listen later this evening!

Thank you!


  • So Where's Dan going to be then? - He hasn't told the boss (me) he won't be on air. Tuts!
    Plugs more than welcome for the Charlton Life games at the Valley. Details on how to get in touch are above.

  • All I get is that the programme is back on 1st April.

    Great loop though lads.
  • Well we were on air with plenty of listeners from 8 - 9.30 so not sure why you had the 'loop'. for future reference shut the player and log back in that normally works.
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