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NEW ARTICLE - Upton Lark; football's changed, but banter's the same

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  • Mortain - recognise any of these characters ???
  • OI AFKA.

    I could take offence to some of that anti Essex stuff :) I'll have you know the nearest I get to bling is my wedding ring.

    Good article.
  • edited August 2006
    Very good article AFKA, however I sit in the west stand and we are all immaculately dressed there, and no gold plated jewellery to be seen, so can't relate to you comments about the chicken runners.
  • Its only intended as a friendly mickey take to be honest, don't mind them at all.

    Football needs characters, not just on the pitch but also in the stands.
  • Was taken as mickey take too, I enjoy having a bit of banter with the home fans when i go to away games, especially chelsea (04 knows what i'm talking about).
    Just a little too far away from the away fans at the boleyn, especially to those fans that can;t sell their allocation (winky thing).
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