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Prediction Cup 3rd round results & replays

Some exciting games in the Prediction Cup competition this week. Addickted2TheReds came out attacking away from home (surely not) with an exciting 4-2 win at Charlton_Stu. Meanwhile, in the Johnstones Paint competition Ashford_Addick and WestSussexAddick participated in an exciting 4-4 draw. Top scorer of the round was Swerve with a 5-1 away win at Shrew. Karim_myBagheri and Kevtherev found out what it was like to win a quarter final away from home, which is more than 5000 others can say unfortunately.

So, it’s replays this weekend for the teams in bold. The draw for the quarter finals of the main competition and the Johnstones Paint will take place next week.

Main competition

Webbja77 (15) v. Bedsaddick (49) 1-1
Absurdistan (31) v. Covered End (16) 3-2
No.1 in South London (13) v. Macronate (32) 1-3
JohnnyH2 (47) v. shirty5 (5) 3-3
Charlton_Stu (21) v. Addickted2TheReds (3) 2-4
Shrew (27) v. Swerve (17) 1-5
Numbers (2) v. Thommo (28) 3-1
cafc4life (40) v. Tavern (37) 2-1

Johnstones Paint

cypriot_addick (62)v. Kevtherev (68) 0-1
Er_Be_Ab_Pl_Wo_Wo_Ch (52)v. Karim_myBagheri (76) 3-4
ashford addick (65)v. WestSussexAddick (70) 4-4
MrOneLung (82)v. Bigfatpete (83) 1-1


  • 1-5 - Well done Swerve, it was so close, sigh, missing the open goal was the game changer.
  • Well done Addicted2TheReds i blame the pitch :-)
  • Bad luck covered end, missed doing it till Sunday so only had 3 to go for. So lucky.
  • Bad luck covered end, missed doing it till Sunday so only had 3 to go for. So lucky.

    Well played. Got the first two results wrong, but the Blackburn v Burnley spot on. Another kick in the goolies for me :-)
  • Well in the midst of a terrible season for CAFC, A2TR is having a stormer ...
  • Didn't think I would get through after my poor results so to scrap a draw is good!
  • 3rd round replays this weekend

    Main competition

    Bedsaddick (49) v. Webbja77 (15)
    shirty5 (5) v. JohnnyH2 (47)

    Johnstones Paint

    WestSussexAddick (70) v. ashford addick (65)
    Bigfatpete (83) v. MrOneLung (82)
  • A narrow squeak for shirty5 as his higher league position meant he gets through 'on penalties' after two draws. Bedsaddick used home advantage to get through to the last eight of the main competition. Wins for ashford_addick and MrOneLung mean that they are in the semi final for the Johnstone Paint competition.

    Main competition

    Bedsaddick (49) v. Webbja77 (15) 3-1
    shirty5 (5) v. JohnnyH2 (47) 2-2 (shirty5 wins on penalties)

    Johnstones Paint

    WestSussexAddick (70) v. ashford addick (65) 1-3
    Bigfatpete (83) v. MrOneLung (82) 0-1

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