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All you lisbie bashers

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You get right on my tits you do.


  • Makes a change from Hughes & Holland though surely...!
  • Why? I am not bashing him - although given the chance I would. Just saying it as it is.
  • no i dont care really, mind you i just wish some people wouldnt be so vitrolic.
  • I agree with you Curb_It (and AFKA); I think Kev is a decent player who has had rotten luck with injuries at key times in his career. He can't have played another 10 games since that Liverpool hat-trick. He could still do a job for us if ID is prepared to give him a chance.
  • So that's decided then. Well done Curb It, lets have a song

    People all over the world,
    Join Hands
    For Kevin Lisbie, Lisbie
  • I think that if anyone after 10 years of Lisbie still thinks he could do a job for us is seriously deluded.
  • "wouldnt be so vitrolic. "

    He is the only Charlton player, past and present, who makes me so vitrolic. Pitcher and Parker left without me muttering barely a word, because footballers do that!

    Do you know what annoys me with lisbie, B? The fact that he should have been our top goalscorer season after season. He is talented, he has speed and gets into good positions - but he is shockingly goal shy. He has been a waste of salarly for nigh on ten bloody years - money which could have been spent on someone contributing to the cause.

    There are two Kevin lisbie's - one laying on an injury table, the other hitting row Z. Both are not worth the wages.
  • wow- anyone know a word that means very vitrolic?
  • I'm with LargeAddick on this one. I've seen many false dawns as far as Lisbie is concerned and the bottom line is that, while he may be able to do a job in the lower leagues, as far as the premiership is concerned he simply isn't good enough.

    I really can't see him getting any better with age.
  • i am really hoping there is more to come from him.

    Being a female I just hate the thought that they do read fans forums and that he comes across this and lots of people slagging him.

    Ask sue who spoke to him at a function once and his demeanour when he spoke of the fans and what they thought about him. He knows what you think. And it doesnt build confidence and thats what i think he's sadly lacking. i did hope the liverpool hatrick would set him up but of course he was injured more or less straight after.

    then he had that awful tumour business which was a lot worse than the club made out at the time.

    So we pay his wages - he's not one of the biggest paid, but if he's that crap why has he not been transfer listed
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  • [cite] Curb_It:[/cite]So we pay his wages - he's not one of the biggest paid, but if he's that crap why has he not been transfer listed

    That really is the million dollar question!
  • Paolo Di Canio reckoned superkev was our most talented player.
  • He can be as talented as he wants in training!!!, however he's a striker who 9 times out of 10 couldn't finish his dinner !!

    he frustrates me more than any other player.....'potential' can only last for so long..he's 27 for crying out loud !
  • It's a Baldrick like cunning plan.

    The Hovis adverts used to have "Young Harold" who was 80 if he was a day.

    As part of their modernising ,community based rebranding for the 21st Century Hovis plan to make a new series of commercials at a football club famed for its work in the community.

    I can exclusively reveal that "Young Kevin" is being groomed to replace Harold.

    You read it here first. Spy eat your heart out!
  • To be serious I think he has something to offer as a sub. He may not be prolific himself but he creates space and opportunities for others.

    Rather like Kish the good gets ignored and the bad magnified.
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    [cite] Eltham_addick:[/cite] however he's a striker who 9 times out of 10 couldn't finish his dinner !!!

    i think recent sitings show that he has been finishing 9 out of 10 other peoples dinners, as well as his own.
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