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Video of Prediction Cup 3rd round draw by exotic Filipino dancer

OK, she is Filipino and she is not an exotic dancer but she was very sweet. She carried out the draw for the Prediction Cup 3rd round. You'll have to work out the pairings but I will post them up later when the San Miguel Light has finished.


Enjoy all. Full draw is a few posts down.


  • I've been called worse !!

    How the other half live. Lovely setting.
  • I am sorry it came out as "Bad sad dick"......
  • What a lovely young lady .. much prettier and far more charming than the aging lumps who turn up on ITV to do the FA Cup draws .. and Mark Pougatch, watch out for your job .. TMA is after it
  • edited March 2014
    For those who don't want to see the lovely Karen, here's the draw.....

    Main competition

    Webbja77 (15) v. Bedsaddick (49)
    Absurdistan (31) v. Covered End (16)
    No.1 in South London (13) v. Macronate (32)
    JohnnyH2 (47) v. shirty5 (5)
    Charlton_Stu (21) v. Addickted2TheReds (3)
    Shrew (27) v. Swerve (17)
    Numbers (2) v. Thommo (28)
    cafc4life (40) v. Tavern (37)

    Johnstones Paint competition

    cypriot_addick (62) v. Kevtherev (68)
    Er_Be_Ab_Pl_Wo_Wo_Ch (52) v. Karim_myBagheri (76)
    ashford addick (65) v. WestSussexAddick (70)
    MrOneLung (82) v. Bigfatpete (83)

    @afkabartram - can I claim 150 Pesos on expenses? (Karen's tip)
  • simple minds but 'Bed Sad Dick' made me laugh far too much
  • I hope you gave her a big tip.
  • I hope you gave her a big tip.

    She was certainly rewarded for her fine efforts. She actually refused the tip at first, but I insisted.
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