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FA appoints Aidy Boothroyd as new national coach

Boothroyd will report into England Under-21s head coach Gareth Southgate and The FA’s director of elite development Dan Ashworth, taking up the role with immediate effect.

His first assignment will be to join up with Noel Blake’s U19s side as they prepare to take on Turkey in Chester this Wednesday and Boothroyd will take charge of England U20s from next season.

Speaking about his appointment, Boothroyd revealed: "I'm excited by this opportunity. Youth development is where it all began for me and I have taken on aspects of that into my management - that love of coaching and developing players has kept going.

"At Watford, I helped bring through players like Ashley Young and Ben Foster early in their careers, and more recently, I had Saido Berahino when I was Northampton Town manager - I have always wanted to bring young players through."

Southgate said: "We are delighted to have Aidy on board as a national coach.

"He joins the organisation with a wealth of coaching and management experience in both the Premier League and Football League and a strong background in developing young players.

"Aidy will join up with Noel Blake's U19s team next week, through to the end of their season, when he will lead our new U20s programme after the Toulon Tournament this summer. Aidy will add great qualities to our team of national coaches and I know he is looking forward to coaching to the philosophy of play which we are in the process of implementing."

Boothroyd and Southgate, the dream team!! English football is in safe hands!!


  • I'll look forward to more years of long ball football, and wasted talent then......
  • I thought this was a wind up , but then remembered don't they employ John Beck at St George's Park also ?

    Sad day for the development of young English players.
  • Unbelieveable. Back to Charles Hughes days (was that his name?). Hoof it.
  • Takes Northampton to the bottom of league 2, gets sacked. Obvious candidate for an England coaching role then!
  • FA run by people who don't know how to play football SHOCK
  • Groan
  • You've got to wonder how ANBODY thought this was a good idea, shocking. (Well not shocking really, it was the FA after all!)
  • Blimey... That's the best they've got?
  • Unbelieveable. Back to Charles Hughes days (was that his name?). Hoof it.

    Yes the return of Charles Hughes and the POMO position (position of maximum opportunity ) I.e hoof it into the box !
  • very strange appointment
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  • Can't pretend to know what he does behind the scenes, but hasn't any success he's achieved been built primarily on motivation, effort, and bustle, as opposed to developing talent and technique? Hard to see this as a step forward when we constantly hear how poorly our youngsters match up in terms of skill and technical ability. Sincerely hope there's a more progressive side to him we know little about.
  • edited February 2014
    He may have played the best system for the players he had at the time - and favours passing football - we can't really know.
  • probably a decent coach and a bad manager .. we will see .. still a suspicion that the 'faces that fit' and not necessarily the most talented get far too many official/quango/government/nationally important jobs
  • And people wonder when we never win f**k all.
  • So we won't be bringing out any England World Cup Winning collectable medals at Esso garages anytime soon then?

  • He did work as a youth team coach before coming to us and did ok by all accounts.

    However as you guys he has a certain way of playing so either Boothroyd will have to change his own style or we will be going away from what the FA want to develop in terms of tactics etc.
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