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Blackpool advanced purchase train tickets available

I am only advising people of a way to go without having to go on the Friday night. However, I am not thinking people will be pleased with what they read. For reasons said on an earlier thread, engineering works from Euston.

St Pancras 5.45 Sheffield 8.26 £9 then Sheffield 8.41 Manc Oxford Road 9.40 £8 Manc Picc 9.46(this goes on to Oxford Road) Blackpool 11.05 £6
Blackpool 14.40 Manc Picc 15.56 £6 Manc Picc 16.20 Sheffield 17.08 £5 Sheffield 18.29 St Pancras 20.30 £9

These tickets were bought through the national rail enquiries site. Click on the individual prices then you get directed to relevant train company.

If any people go this way on account of this thread and the journey goes t**s up, please don't blame me!

Thanks for the kind words over the season, it is good to make peoples pockets heavier for beer money on what they can save through advance purchase train tickets.


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