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****Car/Minibus Shares to Sheffield Thread****(see post 2 for list)

Since there appears to be no trains to Sheffield I thought it'd be a good idea to start a thread for people to offer spaces in cars, or for those looking for a lift from different areas. The more we can get up there the better atmosphere we can create.

So I'll start. I'm based in Strood, and am picking up @tangoflash in Gravesend. I have 2/3 more spaces (depending on size) and I'm just looking for petrol money cover. Also we're both smokers so thought that should be mentioned. Anyone looking for a lift in that area. Probably leaving about 7am Sunday morning.


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    And this is what this forum is all about, looking out for fellow Lifers even though I'm sorted. Well done AFKA yet another feather in your cap.

    PS I thought I'd soften my image with the picture of another budding Addick my grandson :-)
  • One seat available from Shrewsbury
  • Great idea !

    Maybe we could make this a permanent thread for away games ?

    I'm amazed at how many fans we see parking at grounds with just 1 person in the car. Sharing petrol/parking costs makes SO much sense & is why we try to use this form of transport , especially on long trips up north.
  • At times like this, I feel so selfish that we only have a two-seater car...though not sure that many are looking for a lift from Glasgow ;-)
    Hope everyone gets sorted.
  • Well done for sorting thread, will be two spares going up from Bristol.
  • Couple of spaces from Northampton area.
  • Will have two spaces from Charlton, but travelling up Sat and returning Sun.
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    I intend to drive up from Lee on the Sunday. Inbox me if interested.
  • Presuming everyone gets their tickets ok I now have a full car. Will advise if anything changes on that front.
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  • 2-3 spaces from SW London/Surrey (Kingston/Esher), going up Sun a.m.
  • @‌AFKABartram

    available spaces still to be confirmed but there is a North Greenwich pick up too.
  • ok mate, amended
  • Will either be going through Blackwall Tunnel so can pick up either side or via London Brdge, Old St, Highbury & Islington, if that helps people decide.
  • Anyone going from the tunbridge wells area ???
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    I'll be driving from Dartford. At present all seats taken but will notify if anyone drops out. Great thread.
  • Down to one spare now from Bristol.
  • Assuming I can get a ticket, I'm going to be driving over the pennines from Preston. I'd be willing to pick up any other exiled Addicks on the way (up to three/four) and even make a bit of a detour if necessary.

    Calling all North-West Addicks!
  • Looks like I'm going the London Bridge route and now have room for one more adult and one child.
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    @AFKABartram Crawley FunBus update. 5 spare seats. 15 seater booked. 6am Crawley, 7am North Greenwich.
  • Anyone travelling down from Edinburgh?
  • 2 spares from Welwyn Garden City can pick up in herts 9 seat minibus
  • Either me or a mate will be driving from central/west london area (depending on who's driving) so 1 maybe 2 at push spares.
  • I am now sorted folks, sorry.
  • What a great thread.
  • Plan on doing Devon to Nottingham on Saturday and Nottingham to Sheffield on Sunday then back to Devon. Places available if this long shot fits in with anyone else.
  • hey shrew my daughters after a lift from sy1 if i can sort a ticket for her pls
  • @Shrew can you inbox Heckington and take forward. he is new, so suspect you can work the inbox better !
  • cheers akfa my girls on the case as we speak mate ta
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