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having to log in

anyone else keep getting kicked out and have to log in again?


  • No mate
  • Yes, it's been happening a lot to me lately.
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    Yeah, it's weird as sometimes a quick refresh logs me in again.. strangely I can't think of a single reason for this to happen though!

    Also, weird 404/Not Found errors when doing Like/LOL things.
  • And me, usually on my phone. If I come out ang go back in it's ok but happens on refresh
  • Yep has been happening regularly for a few months now. On phone and iPad.
  • Yep. Been doing it ever-time i visit .
  • Yep. I live on here so it is inconvenient.
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    It won't let me log in on my computer today says login incorrect but it's fine on my phone? Can anyone help ?
  • yup, started today
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  • Not at work but it does on my iPhone for some reason.
  • Started on my iPad few days ago.
  • In a case like this, the first thing to do is to clear your browser's cookies and/or cache. If you're having issues, please try that and report back.
  • No but can't log onto my BT email account!
  • I suddenly got some compatibility mode option on my computer which enabled me to log in.

    I thought I must have been banned and indeed emailed Admin asking if that was the case!

    No idea why the compatibility option suddenly came up because previously I could do nothing!
  • Tried to log in at work at dinnertime and despite entering my user name and password it kept denying me. What's that about?!? Phone's ok but I never log out anyway.
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