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Platini's "Week of football".

Euro 2016 draw later today. This tournament will see the introduction of qualifiers played over the course of a week, rather than all at the same time to make it more attractive for television. With my ex pub landlord hat on I'm all for it, but apparently England and Germany voted against the idea. It did make me laugh that one of the reasons Platini cited for its introduction was "National football has been pushed out of the limelight, but we want to see that take the limelight again. To take more importance". Yes Micky, a big part of that is because of your organisation's "Champions" league, and the desperate struggle of top clubs not to miss out on the cash on offer...

Any road up, "Week of football", what does the panel think?


  • more like the weak of football, seeing some of those teams that are in the draw
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