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Sergio Garcia concedes 17ft putt, ends up losing 1 down in world matchplay.

Ended up losing to Fowler by 1 shot. A very expensive act of sportsmanship.
This has to be strangest gimmee you will ever see in professional golf. Three up at the time, Sergio Garcia convinces Rickie Fowler he is giving him an 18 foot putt for a half on the seventh green.

Garcia explained after then losing the match to Fowler, that he felt he had held Fowler up on the previous hole, when some bees fell in love with his ball, and wanted to make up for it with a gentlemanly gesture.


  • Sergio's an oddball. A sports psychologist would have a field day with him. I'll confess, he's one of my favourite players, but it's infuriating to see him come back from being completely hopeless three or four years ago to once again have the game necessary to win a major, but see him defeat himself over and over again. You only have to watch his interviews where he is either leading or in serious contention going into the last day to know that he just doesn't have it in him upstairs. It can't be a pressure thing either - witness the cojones he showed at the last Ryder Cup under absolutely enormous pressure. I just think he looks to me like a textbook example of someone with depression.
  • I agree Leroy. Garcia is great but there is definitely something psychologically odd about him. Wish I had his game though!
  • Yeah, it was really odd moment - couldnt comprehend it at the time, especially as his putt was only abyt 8 feet.
  • I read about it but didn't see it. As above really, since his brash, young days he's shown himself to be weak mentally more and more. I think it was The Masters a few years ago where he was a couple of shots off the lead and said something along the lines of "I'm not one of the best players in the world so I won't win it." Can you imagine any other top players saying that? I think it was Jack Nicklaus who also said "golf is 90% a mental game," or similar.

    It's a real shame as he's a likeable, exciting player who millions would love to see win a major. Had he got one, say at Carnoustie when Harrington won, I think he'd have gotten a couple more. Too much damage has been done now though, on the course and presumably off it. Hopefully we're all wrong.
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