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NEW ARTICLE: Chris Powell embroiled in the latest Blair Pitch Project


With the BBC reporting of evidence emerging in court that Tony Blair offered secret advice to News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks during the 2011 phone hacking saga, Charlton Life can exclusively reveal that the former Prime Minister has been taking an equally active involvement in the current plight of Charlton Athletic.

A recorded conversation between Chris Powell and his assistant Alex Dyer has found its way to CL Towers, giving a huge insight into the thinking, approach and advice being given to the under pressure Charlton manager. With Blair also rumoured to be involved with Celebrity Big Brother vote rigging and the contraversial decision to grant a second series of Splash, the question has to be asked ‘is there anything that this man is not currently involved in?’

The conversation between Powell and Dyer was believed to have taken place in the manager’s office at the clubs’ Sparrows Lane training ground, and the subject of Blair emerges at the end of a logistics planning session.....

CP: “So that’s agreed then. We’ll do the coach to Sheffield early Monday morning, 23 Bombay Bad Boys and a Sticky Rib for Morro to sort out the on-board carbs. And Hughesy you say is going to bring Series Two of Game of Thrones? Quite looking forward to that, to be honest. Anything else?”

AD: “erm….I don’t know how to…oh I’m just gonna come out with it. I had an hour on the phone with Tony Blair last night”

CP: “Blair? The interfering basta…”

AD: “Hold up gaffer, hold up. He 'says' he just wants to help”

CP: “He said that last time when he talked me into putting Evina back in and playing young Jordan on the right”

AD: “I know boss, I know. He holds his hands up. He says he ain't gonna get involved in tactics anymore, but he does think he can still be a big help on other stuff”

CP: “What other stuff?”

AD: “You know, dealing with the Brussels Sprouts

CP: “Ok, let’s hear it. What did he suggest”

AD: “Form an independent unit that has an outside counsel. Alan Curbishley is great and a good type, a serious football man, internal counsel, a proper fact checker (he gave the example of him speaking to Darren Bent’s old PE Teacher). Get him to investigate you, me, Chaps, Damien and Keefy P, and publish a Hutton-style report”

CP: “Could be something in that Alex. What sort of timing did he suggest?”

AD: “Publish Part One of the Report at same time as we get knocked out the cup at Sheffield, clearing you and blaming TJ and the rest of that other lot, accepting shortcomings and backing Roland’s new solutions

CP: “And Part Two?”

AD: “When we get dicked at Millwall”

CP: “Hmmmm…..pause….he might well be onto something here. This would not just benefit me, but also my players, my staff, the supporters and everyone at this great football club. Did he say anything else?”

AD: “Only to keep strong, definitely no sleeping pills. . Need to have clear heads and remember no rash short-term solutions (mentioned Frank Nouble again), as they only give you long-term headaches”

CP: [laughs] “I’ll give him that one. He was right on that. How long will this all run on for though? I’m not being funny Alex, I’m tired. I can’t take much more of this. It's not fair on me, my players, my staff, the supporters. Its not fair on anyone at this great football club”

AD: “He said it will pass. Tough up”

CP: “Tough up? I’ll give him tough up. He only had problems with the right. I’ve got problems with the left, right and middle. And that’s not even touching on the keeper”

AD: “Look, relax gaffer. He is available for you, KM [Katrien Miere] and me as an unofficial advisor. But that needs to be between us. He is sending more notes later”

CP: “Ok, let’s see what they say. Thanks Alex……….Oh, and Alex”

AD: “Yes boss”

CP: “Tell him on behalf of myself, my players, my staff, the supporters, and everyone else at this great football club. No third series of Splash this time”


If you've not seen the news today / tonight and extracts of Brooks' quoting Blair's advice, I apologise for none of the above making any sense !


  • You've only gone & done it again, AFKA ! ( dirty dog !)

    Where the heck do you find the time, inclination & energy ( as the actress said to the Bishop)?
  • As far as I can see, Mr. Blair seems to be going down the wong track.
  • our ex glorious leader's (i.e. call me Tony Blair) 'chief of staff' was at one time Jonathan Powell .. was this a nom de plume/ringer for the man who was REALLY whispering into the all-hearing ear
  • Great read and great work AFKA, I normally skip anything longer than a couple of paragraphs on here but this piece hit the spot. Nice one!
  • Granpa said:

    As far as I can see, Mr. Blair seems to be going down the wong track.

    there's a very rude riposte in there re Blair and the ginger minger Ms Brooks .. however, I am too polite to go any further
  • Granpa said:

    As far as I can see, Mr. Blair seems to be going down the wong track.

    there's a very rude riposte in there re Blair and the ginger minger Ms Brooks .. however, I am too polite to go any further
    thought it might be a reference to ruperts missus

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