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Sheffield Rail Disruption for Cup game

I received an email this afternoon from East Midlands concerning a "hillside slip" which has occurred between Chesterfield and Sheffield. Emergency works commenced today and are estimated to run until 1 April (although no doubt they will be extended until Easter Monday when we're next up there). As a result, a revised timetable has been put in place and journey times between St Pancras and Sheffield will be extended.

The good news is that passengers can change trains en route (e.g. at Derby) and the overall delays are relatively modest. For example, we are going up on the 10.26 on Monday morning and are now scheduled to pull into Sheffield at 1.16 instead of 12.41 (a delay of just over half an hour). Be that as it may, I think that supporters travelling up by train in the afternoon should try and catch an earlier train if they can possibly do so. I understand that East Midlands are pretty flexible regarding tickets.

I am beginning to believe that this tie is jinxed.

I am not sure how we can blame this latest episode on SWFC or on OP and his mates, but I am sure that someone will think of something.


  • 1.16... were you afraid you may miss kick off?
  • Curb_It said:

    1.16... were you afraid you may miss kick off?

    Perhaps he's copying you and will circumnavigate the globe!
  • You are quite right - the circumnavigation of Sheffield and its many allurements does take a good few hours. Not something to be rushed
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