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River Monsters

Fascinating viewing.

For those that don't know River monsters is a programme brought out on animal planet you can find on Netflix. A.bloke from Swindon called jeremy wade goes round the globe searching for weird, dangerous and or scary fresh water fish.

The best documentary style programme, even if you don't like fishing much and don't consider yourself a person that would be interested in the subject...maybe.

One episode he goes to Rift valley, as I remember, a place located in central Africa. He finds people of different cultures, that use different styles of fishing. It was very tense viewing when you see bizarrely brave people fishing in crocodile, hippo infested rivers, day to day as if it's the norm, just so they have a form of food to feed their families. They have experienced countless attacks on themselves by crocs and it doesn't stop them. One of those things you have to watch and see for yourself to get the full explanation.
I found it therapeutic viewing. The reality of stuff...and the extreme measures people will take for the unconditional love of the people they need to feed. Putting humans to ultimate test of survival.

You tube river monsters will quite literally get hooked.


  • It is one of my favourite shows on Sky. Catfish seem to appear on the show a lot. In one show there was a giant catfish in the throat of an even bigger catfish which he pulled out. Grotesque but compelling!
  • is a good watch and am not a fishing fan.

    the electric eel episode sticks in the mind and how he found them living in such shallow water.
  • I've enjoyed the few episodes I've seen .. some of those 'monsters' really are bizarre .. throw backs to VERY primitive, pre-historic times
  • Seen it once. Interesting and I only fish for compliments.

    It could however, a bit like Air Crash Investigation, be a lot shorter due to the over dramatisation and the repeating of 'what's happened so far'.
  • I like watching it but Jeremy gets so excited he continually repeats himself, repeats himself, repeats himself.....
  • It could however, a bit like Air Crash Investigation, be a lot shorter due to the over dramatisation and the repeating of 'what's happened so far'.

    It drives you nuts eh.

    Jeremy Wade: I'm here in the *insert foreign river name* and I wanna catch the mythical *insert big fuck off fish name*

    ***2 minutes talking to local/paid up villagers***


    ***5 minutes of waiting for chaff all or 5 minutes of brutal combat***

    ***Victory photo/speech or mumblings about `what if?'...***

    I love it...but its a 10 minute show that they pack out with filler bollox to fill the half hour....shame really.

  • Weren't this on channel 5 before?? Sounded like something id normally like but was bored feckless after bout 5 mins
  • It has been on ITV I think last few weeks, about 8pm, can't remember what night though.

    Great viewing.
  • Visiting the local witch doctor is all part of irk
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