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Please help those of us who want to watch Charlton v Wigan on the net

One or two of us have recently discovered a site on which you can watch games. This site, unlike many others, works and works well. You have to pay 3.50 but it's worth it.

The problem is that there is currently a vote over which two games to watch. Charlton v Wigan is not in the top two.

Could you all, for the benefit of us overseas supporters, click on this link and vote for our match. Ok, it's a bit selfish on my part perhaps but why the hell is Fulham v Portsmouth currently one of the top two......something's fishy there.


  • Hey Jimmy- give us a link!
  • If you go to if offers 3-10 channels for everygame thats played.
  • Whoops, sorry, got carried away and forgot!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Stu of SE7[/cite]If you go to if offers 3-10 channels for everygame thats played.[/quote]

    I've never got anything else but this to work. You pay for it but it's worth it. Top quality and no problems. The others are as dodgy as Simon Jordan in my experience
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    Sign up there, in 24hours you get access to the streaming forums, you have to DL a few programms but then its 100% reliable and free, I use it all the time.
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    You have my vote Jimmy-

    If you happen to bump this about 10am BST tommorrow, i'm sure you should get a fair few votes from the day shift.

    (having said that- the one time i watched streaming, i used the fsi site that stu recommends without any trouble)
  • Just clicked for ya jm,hope you get to see the game
  • Thanks guys
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    I've never had any success with the software from footballstreaminginfo - except once when I got to watch portsmouth v chelsea
  • Strange, I have about 15 progs and always one of em works, guess I'm just lucky :D
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  • Probably something to do with being in France. I probably forgot to pay some tax or eat enough intestines or something.
  • Don't forget to vote!!

    Wish i could be at The Valley tomorrow but the next best thing will be watching it on a screen the size of a postage stamp at 8am............

    We are in 2nd place - need more votes
  • Voted - but still way behind the newcastle game ... need more votes
  • i voted earlier on and tried to vote again but it wouldn't let me
  • i tried but its told me i'ver already voted!!! never been on the site.
  • They show the top 2 games based on votes - so it's looking good - vote if you can!!
  • Good work people - we are pulling ahead of Pompey-Fulham
  • So is this better quality than sopcast or is it not showing on there?
  • Though I will be making yet another appearance on saturday, lucky socks and all.....
  • hey Sarge - hope you are well

    i only watched the watford game on this & it was excellent - no buffering at all & good quality picture

    most games here on Setanta are streamed over the net in full screen quality but they are not showing the Charlton game tomorrow - hence resorting to this
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  • [cite]Posted By: iansarge[/cite]So is this better quality than sopcast or is it not showing on there?

    I've never been able to get Sopcast to work.

    Excellent work everybody. Thanks from me and I imagine from whoever else will use the service. Looks like we might just win. It'd be nice to pull ahead of Fulham like that in the league too!
  • lads, the pompey rivals board had the same idea!!! they are panicing. rivals
  • If someone can forward this link to other Charlton forums/mailing lists it'd really help - i can't seem to get on Netaddicks anymore?!
  • If all else fails check out asia plate tomorrow. With ZZ scoring last week maybe one of the chinese networks will be showing us.


  • What's asia plate?
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]lads, the pompey rivals board had the same idea!!! they are panicing.rivals

    So that's why they had so many votes when I first looked at it. They had 32% and us 8% at the time. I said it seemed fishy at the time.

    This is worrying though. Perhaps us and the Pompey fans can both get enough votes to get ahead of Man City.
  • Success! We're on Channel 2. Thanks to everyone for voting.

    Now, who's going to be watching with me?
  • I'll be watching from the East stand, I'll give you a wave :)
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    [cite]Posted By: jimmymelrose[/cite]Success! We're on Channel 2

    Excellent! -The more positive vibes we have the better,

    (and you can look out for a number of "lifers" lugging the Killer banner around before the match!)

    And keep those who can't watch it informed on this thread during the match!!
  • Big thanks to all for helping to get this game shown - one happy (at the moment) Addick watching the action all the way from the Rocky Mountains
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