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Forest vs QPR

Halford playing up front for Forest.


  • The two starting line ups for both sides are packed with quality (and Zamora). Expect to see both of them in the Prem next season.
  • 1-0 Forest, Halford
  • Halford has scored.
  • No matter what you think of Halford, that's pretty cool.
  • When did QPR sign Benayoun? F*ck me their wage bill is a joke, must be more than half our division combined.

    And they've still got Julio Cesar who never plays a game.
  • Signed Benayoun just before their last fixture against Leicester I think.

    Certainly takes the piss out of FFP but he was a freebie so cant complain - I read the other day they were after Taylor on loan from Newcastle (cant think of his first name but the one who takes good free-kicks rather than the Defender) when the window opens again
  • When does FFP apply from? Surely they can't be complying with it now so i'm guessing it's not this season?
  • Matt Taylor.
  • Premiership parachute payments = income the falls within ffp
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    When does FFP apply from? Surely they can't be complying with it now so i'm guessing it's not this season?

    Well they get £xxm from parachute payments which counts as income so there's a chance they're ok. It's more teams like Blackburn with large wage bills and no parachute pament money to offset their outgoings who will be in trouble.
  • Fair point, and they shifted Samba back out the door for 12m-ish so that will have helped.
  • Dodgy second, 2 ex addicks on the score sheet.
  • Play the whistle you divs....

    Ball launched forward and Halford goes to flick it on but doesn't connect it runs through to Reid and the Lino mistakenly flags offside thinking Halford had flicked it on
    Ready continues to play on and scores

    Play the whistle !!!!!!
  • GreAt decision by the ref
  • GreAt decision by the ref

    Wrong decision wasn't it ? Didn't touch a QPR player on the way through ?

    Either way the QPR players should be playing to the whistle.
  • When the long ball was played, initially, I presumed Reid is onside then and just carries on running so as when the ball eventually arrives at him he "looked" offside but was onside
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    Play until to the whistle. QPR players have nothing to complain about there.

    FT 2-0
  • When does FFP apply from? Surely they can't be complying with it now so i'm guessing it's not this season?

    FFP applies for this season and clubs can make a loss of £8M excluding stadium depreciation and academy costs. The thing is penalties will not apply until December 2014 when clubs have to file their accounts. So if they overspend then they pay a penalty if promoted. And if not promoted clubs overspending will be excluded from the January 2015 window and won't be able to re-sign there own players until they can show they are compliant.

    So QPR are going to break the loss limits by millions and need to go up this year else it will be a long time before they can sign players again! And the fun thing for them is that the limits come down each year. Same goes for some other teams at the top of the division.

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  • Given the players Rednapp has at his disposal, QPR are shocking.
  • Love watching Andy Reid.
  • QPR were poor. They have too many ageing ex 'nearly super stars' in the team, they miss the workmanlike but effective Derry who is getting Notts C out of the mire as a manager .. without Barton and Austin they lack ability in midfield and up front.
    Forest look a better bet right now. Mackie, who QPR sold to them is a terrific worker and always a goal threat. Reid, as has been said already, is in terrific form. Forest is a big club and now look a good prospect for promotion. However, they have often fallen short in recent seasons. It'll be interesting to see the outcome as their arch rivals Derby are also going well.
    QPR? .. I still fancy them for promotion .. why? .. amongst other reasons, I backed them before the season started
  • Hopefully QPR are as bad tomorrow!

    Mind you suspect they won't be..
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