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Citeh vs 'Pool

Decent game brewing here, anyone else watching?


  • Yea just switched on. Some great footy being played.
  • Liverpool so close scoring the goal of the season there. Brilliant one touch football up until the finish.
  • Both teams are so quick on the break - great game so far - shame about Michael Owens commentary !
  • What is the matter with Owen?

    There's no need to shout.
  • Jim Begglin (sp?) doing the co commentary out here so thankfully don't have to put up with Owen.
  • Oooh Goalie!
  • Brilliant game, the pace is relentless. City under Pellegrini are just all out attack.
  • Could have been about 5-5.
  • You won't see two more cynical fouls today than the ones committed by El-Abd and Johnson. Great game though.
  • Zabaletta's on Moses wasn't far behind either.
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  • Zabaletta's on Moses wasn't far behind either.

    I'm sure Zabaletta commits around one of those per game, in fairness it's quite intelligent defending if entirely cynical.
  • Zabaletta's on Moses wasn't far behind either.

    Agreed. They are the sort of fouls that are borderline red cards.

  • edited December 2013
    Yeah, I'm not one for wanting to change the rules of football too much, but I do wonder if a sin bin type penalty could be imposed for those sort of non-dangerous but deliberate spoiling type fouls. Zabaletta clearly knew he'd be booked but didn't care. If Man City had to play the next 5 or 10 mins with 10 men he might have thought differently. Or if he could be sent off but not banned from the next game.
  • Great game, but bloody hell Owen is a pain in the arse to listen to! Totally dull and monotonous and then all of a sudden he just starts shouting ridiculously loud and makes you jump out of your skin!
  • Suarez again not scoring against a decent side...
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