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podcast recommendations

I've got a couple of 10hr drives coming up - I've never downloaded a podcast, but will need something humorous and/or interesting to listen to - any recommendations?


  • All back no front
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    The infinate monkey cage. BBC radio show. Mix of science, astronomy, theology etc done with humour and mix of expert and celebrity guests. I prefered the older series more than the latest one but they're all good.
  • BBC Friday night comedy. Not humour but sky's Sunday Supplement. Frank Skinner on absolute radio. Guardian football podcast
  • Stuff you should know is fantastic, highly recommend it!
  • Football =

    Football weekly
    Football ramble
    The World Football Phone In (really good BBC World Service show hosted by a Charlton fan)

    Depending how obscure/desperate you are Hand of Pod is a good show about Argentinian football.

    Non football I only listen to the Bugle which is a kind of left wing satirical weekly, if you like the Daily Show you'll like it.
  • thanks all (no football will be allowed!)
  • The "Ricky Gervais's Guide To..." series. Not for him but for Karl Pilkington.
  • Charlton Live is on iTunes
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